Harbuch Electronics is an Australian owned and operated light manufacturing company specialising in Transformer production.   

We design, manufacture and supply HIGH quality transformers to meet customers’ specifications and requirements. 

Our customers (industries)

Audio, Television and Hi-Fi
Lighting and Power Supply and Electrical Machinery

We provide quality Australian designed and made products at competitive pricing backed up with A1 customer service.  We offer a complete end to end process from concept to design to manufacture, right down to labeling the product.   Our focus and specialisation:

- Toroidal power transformers
- Toroidal printed circuit transformers
- Toroidal filter and storage chokes
- Current compensated noise suppression chokes
- Fly back converters
- Stepdown transformers
- Isolation transformers
- Plug packs
- Current Transformers, Power, Audio, Low Voltage lighting and
  Isolation transformers

- Auto transformers and chokes
- Switchmode transformers and chokes (through hole and surface mount)
- Linear and Switchmode Power supplies
- Metal and Wood case/cabinet making
- Laser Cutting services (wood/paper/cardboad)

Equipment at our factory site includes:
- Toroidal winding/insulation machines
- Automatic electronic turns testing machines

- Automatic lead stripping equipment
- Sheet metal fabrication equipment
- Laser Cutter

Approvals and Quality control
All Harbuch products comply with VDE 0550 as a minimum standard and the company holds international certification for various standard and OEM products.

IEC 742, AS/NZS 61558 and Austel compliance
Product to UL544 standards available

We offer a design and approval through the appropriate Government authorities.


Harbuch was established in 1974 by Peter Buchman providing a contract assembly service for the electronics industry. Wave soldering with vapour phase cleaning was employed to enable relatively high volumes to be achieved with a small staff. A small range of audio modules was also produced which formed the nucleus for later activities. Some of these modules are still produced today, testament to their sound design.

As the company grew the product range produced and the services provided grew also. A range of modules for evacuation systems was produced as well as a number of modules for broadcast use. Around this time the company was incorporated and also formed an alliance with Syntec International who were involved in marketing a range of products to the broadcast industry. This provided the catalyst for the production of a wide range of broadcast audio products ranging from simple modules to complete consoles and studio fitouts. The success of some of these products was due to the performance of a small range of audio transformers designed and manufactured in-house for these applications.

The audio transformer range grew quite rapidly and was soon supplemented by a range of small power transformers as production capacity improved. In only a few years transformer production had taken over from audio products as the major activity. In 1989, following the turmoil in the broadcast industry new business activities were sought and this resulted in an association being formed with Antrim Transformers Ltd, a company manufacturing toroidal transformers in Northern Ireland.

Toroidal transformers had little local market penetration at this time and large quantities of transformers were imported to satisfy demand. As a result of numerous requests for special toroidal transformers, limited production capacity was installed with many of the specialised components imported from Antrim Transformers Ltd who also provided much valuable assistance technically. As demand grew so did production capacity, to the point where we now had nine winding machines and two taping machines. Winding capacity ranged from cores the size of a 5 cent coin up to 10kVA and wire sizes from 0.1mm to 3.5mm. Winding can be by side slider, belt or gear driven shuttle, or by a pneumatically powered hook winder. Taping capacity ranges from 6mm to 17mm with five different sized taping heads being available.

By 1998 approximately 60% of revenue was derived from toroidal transformer sales, some models of which were still imported from Antrim with the bulk being locally manufactured using a mixture of components imported from Antrim and sourced locally. The range now included high quality audio transformers and encased stepup and stepdown transformers for use with foreign equipment and power systems. A further 30% of revenue was derived from audio transformers with the ex-stock range now comprising several hundred models and production of specials to order occuring regularly. Audio product manufacture now accounted for only 10% of revenue.

By 2006 five more toroidal winders had been added and now approximately 95% of revenue was being derived from toroidal transformer production. The move into encased transformers for medical applications had aided in this and value adding became a more prominent part of transformer production.

In early 2007 the founding owners and directors retired. The company was was aquired by Peter Terlich, who had been a long standing customer was well aquainted with the company and its products.  Harbuch moved from Hornsby to Blacktown 11 July 2016.

In October 2020 Peter Terlich retired due to illness and the business was aquired by Peter McConaghy. He has been running Powerform Controls for a number of years and is looking forward to continue the Harbuch tradition of high quality local manufacturing.

For more information:  email Peter McConaghy  sales@harbuch.com.au
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