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E-I  Transformers

Comprehensive range of safety-designed printed circuit mounting power transformers in 6 power ratings and 7 voltage styles. They will satisfy most general low-power requirements

The mains pins are offset so that the transformers cannot be inserted into the PCB in the incorrect manner. If desired, the mains connections can be removed from the curcuit board to quick-disconnect lugs on the top of the transformer. In all sizes from 6VA up, a multiple winding model is available which, with the correct 3 terminal regulators, will provide +/- 15V for audio circuits and +5V for CMOS and LSTTL circuits.


2.5VA 2 x 6V
4VA 2 x 7.5V
6VA 2 x 9V
10VA 2 x 12V
15VA 2 x 15V
25VA 2 x 20V at 15VA and larger
  32Vct & 8V at 6VA and larger


4VA, 15VA & 25VA models are also available in a chassis mount version with either solder eyelet pins or 200mm flex leads.

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