All amplifer modules in this range are designed to operate from a +24 Volt DC regulated power supply with the exception of the TA-1008 Power Amplifer which may be operated from an un-regulated supply. The TA-1006A Regulated Power Supply is made available for this purpose. 

Amplifer modules in this range are designed to mount onto a standard "L" shaped bracket which is held to the rear of an escutcheon panel by the mounting bush of a rotary potentiometer. Alternatively they may be mounted directly to the base of a chassis by four mounting screws. 

All modules are supplied without potentiometers, so the user is free to choose between rotary or linear motion potentiometers. The TA-1012 requires two 100K linear potentiometers, the TA-1013 requires one 10-25K log potentiometer per channel.  Where a module requires two or more potentiometers, the module and mounting bracket are mounted by one potentiometer with flying leads to the other potentiometer.  Where a module requires the use of ganged potentiometer, the module is mounted to the back of the mounting bracket to allow clearence for the potentiometer.


Mounting bracket for single hole mounting also available


TA-1003Microphone preamplifer with limiting
TA-1006A+24V/200mA regulated power supply with transformer
TA-1006P+24V/175mA & +48V/50mA regulated power supply with transformer
TA-10075 output splitter/driver amplifer (60 Ohm output)
TA-10085 W power amplifer
TA-1010A600 Ohm balanced line drive amplifer (TX output)
TA-101110 input active mixer
TA-1211LLine bridging amplifer, open TX or shielded TX
TA-1211MMicrophone preamplifer, TX input, high performance
TA-13141kHz oscillator
TA-1315VU meter amp/differential balanced line I/P
TA-133320 input active mixer

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